The BVI Bar Association is a voluntary organization whose members are legal professionals in the British Virgin Islands. The association was founded on 8 May 1976 with 8 founding members and now has a membership of almost 200 persons.

The Association is led by a 5 person executive called a Council, which acts as the voice of the association’s members.

The aims and objects of the Association as listed in its original constitution are:

  • (a) To support and protect the character, status and interests of the legal profession within the Territory and to maintain the discipline of its Members.
  • (b) To promote honourable practice, repress malpractice, to settle disputed points of practice, and to decide all questions of the legal profession.
  • (c) To consider all questions affecting the interests of the legal profession and to initiate and watch over, and, if necessary to petition the legislature of the Territory and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or any other bodies or promote deputations in relation to general measures affecting the profession, and to procure changes of law or practice, and the promotion of improvements in the principles and administration of the law.
  • (d) To be concerned with questions of human rights, justice and the rule of law and to undertake any action which in its judgement may contribute to the protection and preservation of these and other fundamental conditions for a well-ordered society.
  • (e) To maintain the honour and independence of the legal profession and to defend the legal profession in its relations with the judiciary and the executive.
  • (f) To support the independence of the judiciary and to maintain cordial relations among members of the legal profession and between the legal profession and the judiciary.
  • (g) To promote the improvement of the administration of justice.
  • (h) To maintain good relations and understanding between the legal profession and the public.
  • (i) To protect the public right of access to the courts, the representation by counsel before the courts and other tribunals and the rights and privileges of the legal profession in relation thereto.
  • (j) To make recommendations for the establishment and maintenance of property court houses and of a law library in the Territory.
  • (k) To promote, encourage and improve legal education, the study of jurisprudence, legal literature and law reporting.
  • (l) To affiliate with other associations of lawyers.

Any person who wishes to be a member of the BVIBA must be continuously resident in the Territory of the Virgin Islands for at least one year prior to making an application for membership.

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