Becoming a Member

Qualification for Membership

Any person who wishes to be a member of the BVIBA must be continuously resident in the Territory of the Virgin Islands for at least one year prior to making an application for membership.

Admission to Membership

  1. Applications for membership must be signed by the applicant and delivered to the Secretary of the BVIBA. (Application form)
  2. Applications for membership must be accompanied by a note in writing signed by two members of the BVIBA, one proposing, and the other seconding the applicant’s election. (Nomination form)
  3. Membership applications will be considered by the Council after the expiration of 30 days from receipt of the application. Reasons will be given to any applicant whose application is rejected, and such applicant may elect to reapply for membership.

Register of Members

On approval of an applicant’s membership application, the candidate’s name will be entered on the Register of Members of the BVIBA