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The BVI Bar Association (the “BVIBA”) celebrates its 32nd Anniversary in May this year and has embarked on a mission to give back to the BVI community during this month.

In the aftermath of the hurricanes, individual member firms of the BVIBA made generous donations to assist with the recovery of the Territory, in particular via the adopt-a-school programme and through sponsorship of sporting events as a means of raising funds and returning a sense of normalcy to residents.  Closer to home, several firms made significant donations to the US$350,000 needed to facilitate the reconstruction of the Commercial Court.  As a result, the Commercial Court is currently undergoing a major overhaul and is to return to its formal location adjacent to the Road Town Ferry Terminal in the very near future.

Ms Jacqueline Daley, the BVIBA’s President, said that she was proud of the activities undertaken by the BVIBA’s members so far and remarked that the BVIBA had been inspired and encouraged by its members to further assist with efforts to help schools and the BVI community.  

The BVIBA is therefore offering a total of US$20,000 in prizes to primary schools by allowing up to three students of each primary institution in the BVI to write a persuasive 1 page letter answering the question “How may we help your school?” Entrants must be enrolled in the school named and must be no older than 12 years of age.  Each letter, which may be handwritten or typed, must highlight the relevant school’s needs and must put forward persuasive arguments justifying why the school deserves special assistance.  Entries or questions may be submitted all throughout the month of May via email to  The first prize winner will receive US$10,000 to help his/her school’s rebuilding efforts, while the second prize winner will be awarded US$7,000 and third prize winner will collect US$3,000.

To assist the wider public, the BVIBA will host 2 pro-bono legal clinics on Saturday 12 and 19 May where individuals can have private and confidential discussions for up to half an hour, one on one, with a lawyer.  No fees will be charged and persons can discuss matters relating to landlord and tenant rights, family law, employment law and insurance law.  Both pro-bono sessions will be hosted at Aromas in the Pier Park from 2pm to 5pm.  

“We recognize that people are struggling with unanswered questions about the rent they are expected to pay while living in a badly damaged house or what salary, if any, they should be entitled to while their employer has closed its doors.  Sometimes a short chat with a lawyer is all they need to decide what to do next and whether they have any rights at all.  We really want to help to answer those questions,” Ms Daley said.  Members of the public are strongly encouraged to come out to the events.

The BVIBA is a voluntary organisation comprising members of the BVI legal fraternity.  The main aims of the BVIBA include maintaining the honour of the BVI bar, supporting the independence of the judiciary and promoting the improvement of the administration of justice.

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