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BVI BA Notice re Persuasive Letter Writing Competition

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The BVI Bar Association invites primary schools in the Virgin Islands to select up to three of their students to write a letter to the BVI Bar Association explaining how the BVI Bar Association can assist their school. A panel of attorneys chosen by the BVI Bar Association shall judge the letters submitted. Prizes will be awarded by the BVI Bar Association for the top 3 letters as follows:

  • First prize is US$10,000.
  • Second prize is US$7,000.
  • Third prize is US$3,000.

The prize money will be awarded directly to the school to assist in such manner as the school sees fit, but ideally in the way suggested in the successful letter. In terms of the rules and procedures for the competition:

  • No more than 3 letters should be submitted per school.
  • A student must be 12 years old or younger in order to be chosen to write a letter.  Each letter must contain (a) the name of the student who wrote it; (b) his or her age; (c) the name of the school he or she attends.
  • Each letter must concern how the BVI Bar Association can assist the student's school.
  • Each letter must be no more than 1 page long preferably typed in size 12 Times New Roman font and single spaced but hand written submissions will also be accepted.
  • The deadline for submission of letters is Friday, 8 June 2018.
  • A scanned copy of a letter can be submitted in PDF format without the need to submit the original by sending it by email to OR a letter can be submitted to the BVI Bar Association by hand to: BVI Bar Association, C/o Maples and Calder, Sea Meadow House, Tobacco Wharf, Road Town, Tortola. Owing to delays in postal service, letters should not be submitted by post.

The BVI Bar Association is a voluntary organisation comprising members of the Virgin Islands’ legal fraternity. This initiative is intended to play a small part in helping schools recover in the aftermath of last year's hurricanes.

President: Jacqueline Daley-Aspinall
First Vice President: Shelly Bend
Second Vice President: Kimberly Crabbe-Adams
Treasurer: Nicholas Brookes
Secretary: Ruairi Bourke
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